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Heavy Duty Planer (CE Tape)

AN-926. AN-932. AN-940. AN-952

Scope of application:Solid wood / Plastics

​•  Pressure mechanism is easy to adjust.
•  Equipped with anti-kickback fingers for safety.
•  Steel infeed and rubber outfeed rollers are standard.
•  Rubber infeed and rubber outfeed rollers are optional.
•  The table is firmly supported by 4 oversized columns, assuring maximum rigidity and stability during heavy planning.


•  Equipped with a digital position controller for accurate and convenient thickness adjustment.
•  Straight cutterhead is standard. Helical cutterhead and quick change cutterhead are optional.
•  Single infeed roller, twin outfeed rollers combined with twin table rollers exhibit powerful and stable feeding effect.
•  Steel infeed and rubber outfeed rollers are standard.Rubber infeed and rubber outfeed rollers are optional.
•  Variable feed speed through variable pulley is standard. Variable feed speed controlled by a frequency inverter is optional.  (AN-926) 

•  Varable feed speed is controlled by a frequency inverter.  (AN-932.AN-940.AN-952) 

•  Powered table elevation provides effortless and fast thickness adjustment.

•  The table is supported by 4 oversized columns thereby featuring maximum rigidity and stability.

•  The table elevation is transmitted by 4 precision ball screws for accurate positioning and smooth movement  ( Model AN-940 and AN-952 only ) 

•  The massive cast iron table is precision ground.

•  Automatic power-off function is activated when the top cover is opened.

•  Anti-kickback fingers for operators’ safety.




* All specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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